Moog Gravett – if only his beard had been some other colour

By Frampton Jones

Of course these recent fallings out of the sky are by no means the first that we’d had to deal with on Hopeless. Those of you who have not yourselves recently wrecked here in one way or another, will recall that Moog Gravett also fell out of the sky.

He had an odd tale to tell. Apparently he had boarded some kind of flying machine belonging to one Professor Elemental. I have, ever since this time, been one of the many islanders to be inflicted with re-occurring nightmares about this gentleman and his inventions. Given the many horrors that have left little or no mark on me over the years, this is quite some achievement.

Moog has been a delightful chap to have around, I will miss him. I will miss his unique approaches to the maintenance of facial hair, and the things he did to ducks. I try not to be sentimental about the dead – we have so many of them after all. I may make an exception in his case. Thus far there are no signs that he will return to us in spectral form and I admit to being disappointed.

His death was as bizarre as it was pointless, and my being proved right about everything gives me little comfort. Of course the red weed menace was part of a larger cycle. The red weed has gone now, entirely eaten by the giant cow that solidified out of the mist. Unfortunately, said giant cow trampled Moog to death and ate his beard before going on the red weed eating rampage I had been hoping for.

Whether there were further fatalities, is not currently known. Please do check and count the children in your household and be alert to the possibility that absent relatives may have been ground under hoof rather than whatever fate you had assumed was theirs.

The giant cow is at present mostly active in the Gaunt Street area, and seems inclined to eat anything red. You have been warned.


Moog and his beard can be found on youtube – where there is nothing at all about ducks and quite a bit of his work with Professor Elemental.

The kickstarter we’re currently doing is over here, and also, thanks to the stretch goals, has a bit of Professor Elemental in it. 

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