Bringing Hopeless, Maine to the screen

The Blind Fisherman film

Bringing Hopeless, Maine to the screen in glorious (moody) monochrome.

A Black and white silent film with score by Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys.

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A thirty minute film with documentary

A malevolent sorcerer throws a child into the the sea but magic keeps her alive.

Genre: Gothic

Description: Georges Méliès meets Tim Burton

Based on the opening chapter of the graphic novel series by Nimue and Tom Brown

with screenplay by John Bassett and Nimue Brown

Directed by cinematographer, Gregg McNeill

Design and art direction- John Naylor

Produced by Tom Brown and Dr Abbey Masahiro with special thanks to Julia Morgan and Chris Seven.

Filming at Nexus Studios in 2022

The Blind Fisherman

This film will be the prelude to the epic gothic tale of Hopeless, Maine; an island cut off from the rest of the world and lost in time. This is a haunted place where the dead walk and magic is real and often deadly. The ocean that surrounds it is alive with nightmares and things that can change you forever. This is where the blind fisherman hunts, and in this mythic account, finds something that will set events in motion that will change everything on the island forever.

Gregg McNiell on the film.

Our visual concept for The Blind Fisherman is to reflect the films from the birth of cinema, title cards and all.

Our principle visual cues will come from the German expressionist films of the period, like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligary and M. We’re also looking to the earliest science fiction films of the time, like George Méliès film Le Voyage dans la Lune (“A Trip to the Moon”) and Metropolis.

We plan to accomplish this by shooting black and white 16mm film in a hand cranked camera. We also plan to imitate the cinematographic style of the period, using light and shadow to shape the world of Hopeless Maine.

We’re making a strong statement with this first chapter of the Hopeless Maine Anthology and we hope to continue this with other filmmakers, directors and storytellers each weaving their own visual tale.

News for the residents of Hopeless, Maine.

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