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What we do is all about multimedia creativity, good stories, and tentacles. People (and others) are very welcome to come and play with us. Leave a comment if you want to get involved and we’ll email you. We welcome strange, gothic, and Hopeless inspired things, in any form.

We are Tom Brown and Nimue Brown, collectively responsible for art, stories and tentacles. Tom leads on the art and Nimue on the stories but we both do both.

Hopeless Maine, is an island off the coast of Maine, unshockingly. It’s been our occasional home for some years now, and during that time it has been a webcomic, and a paperback as well as this blog. Now it’s in the process of becoming a roleplaying game, tarot deck, a cuddly spoonwalker and all manner of things we could not have imagined when we started out. We’re delighted that Sloth Comics have taken the bedraggled denizens of Hopeless in, and given them shelter… you can buy Hopeless The Gathering from all manner of places, more on that here.  Sinners (volume two) is now released on an unsuspecting world and can be found here. We are adding Hopeless, Maine related performance to our bag of tricks (and tentacles) now as well, including songs (as heard on BBC radio) readings and other sorts of performance with the growing Hopeless, Maine creative family.

Any comments for Hopeless Vendetta editor Frampton Jones should be posted to the blog. We welcome insight, feedback and additional details on stories posted.

To contact the blog creators, please post a comment on this page. We can pick up your email address from it and get back to you.


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News for the residents of Hopeless, Maine.

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