Regular Columns

On Fridays, we post all manner of things. If you want to make a one-off contribution to the Vendetta, we’ll probably put your work in the Friday slot. We also write stuff for this ourselves if things have been quiet.

Tales from The Squid and Teapot come out every Tuesday. These are stories of life on Hopeless Maine, based around its pub – The Squid and Teapot. This column is written by Martin Pearson and illustrated either by Tom Brown or Cliff Cumber.  Follow that column here – 


Mrs Beaten will be judging you on Sundays. She cares more about appearances than human suffering, she’s a cheerful handmaiden to the patriarchy and she wants to maintain her Victorian standards! Written and sometimes also illustrated by Nimue Brown. Find the column here –


Daphne is an irregular column, following the adventures of a small girl called Daphne who lives in the morgue. Written by Robin Collins, illustrated by Tom Brown. Find the column here, and do read them in order – Daphne’s first Dustcat is the first post.

News for the residents of Hopeless, Maine.

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