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Spooky songs

Here are some more videos of The Ominous Folk of Hopeless, Maine singing.

We sing at events partly because it’s fun and partly as a way to share the island with people and lure them in.

Lowlands is one of the first songs we took out on these terms – death and ghosts…

Here we are singing Anne Lister’s Moth song at Shrewsbury Steampunk Spooktacular. This one is part of this year’s show, which has a Hopeless romance theme. And anyway, moths.

Another one from our recent gig at Woodchester Mansion. Ravens, and death. ‘Nuf said.

Hopeless in Woodchester

This October we’re excited to be taking Hopeless, Maine to Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire.

The Mansion is a fantastic gothic building – never finished – but covered in gargoyles and home to many bats. The valley it stands in is haunted. Ravens nest near the building. It’s a perfect backdrop for doing Hopeless things, and an excellent place to visit in its own right.

We’re singing in the evening but not doing any of the shows. Even if you’ve been stalking us very thoroughly these last few years, there will be songs you haven’t heard us do before. We will of course have books. If there’s any original art you are interested in, please contact us ahead of time about it.