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Spidermilk biscuits

This is a piece that came about because The Keith of Mystery wanted to do a Hopeless Maine Home Companion set at the Stroud steampunk weekend. The original Home Companion had sponsors, including powdermilk biscuits. Tom Brown – familiar with the original – did something disturbing in a Hopeless Maine sort of way.

This recording doesn’t really do justice to the live experience – we had half a dozen people on the groaning, all horribly out of tune with each other. It was truly magical.


During the Stroud Steampunk weekend, we did a Hopeless Maine Home Companion, very much inspired by The Prairie Home Companion.

The original show had an imaginary sponsor in the form of powdermilk biscuits. This is what happened when we tried to translate that happy jingle into something more Hopeless…