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Inheritance covers

First and foremost, we are massively excited to share with you the new cover art for Hopeless Maine Inheritance.

This will be the cover for the new Outland edition of this book. This may be a tad confusing, so, explanations….

When we started doing Hopeless Maine graphic novels, we were published by Archaia and two volumes came out with them – Personal Demons, and Inheritance. The covers for those editions look like this…

When we were re-published by Sloth, we and the publisher took the decision to put those two initial volumes out as a single title – The Gathering – to make it easier to crack on and get the rest of the series moving. So, if you have a book that looks like the cover below, you’ve already got Inheritance and Personal Demons. And if you are the kind of completest who needs all the versions, we’re really sorry, we did not mean to do this to you.

Hopeless Optimists – an update

Hopeless Maine volume 4; Optimists, has been delayed. We’ve been affected by the virus and the book will be out later than intended. Sorry about this!

Part of the issue is that Sloth is not a big publishing house, and like much of the independent comics market, depends on events to sell books. With all events cancelled, things have been hard for Sloth. It’s not been a good time to invest money in printing a new book.

As creators we’ve also been hit. We lost work – although thankfully not all of it, but enough that it has impacted on us. Unhelpfully for Hopeless, Tom is the one who has had more paying gigs come in, and it’s made more sense to take those and let Hopeless wait a bit.

We are a fair way into Hopeless Maine Optimists. It should be out early next year when we hope there will be more scope for taking it to events. After that we have one more book to go to complete this narrative arc, and hopefully that will be a bit less affected by the state of the world!

What happens after Hopeless Survivors, is an interesting question. We don’t quite know at this point, but pondering is under way. We had thought Survivors would be the last Hopeless graphic novel – they take Tom about 6 months and they don’t pay for six months of full time work, which is challenging for us as a household. However, there may be entertaining and time efficient ways of keeping on making comics, and we are exploring that at the moment and seeing where it takes us.