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Edrie Edrie – the music endures

By Frampton Jones

Few are the people on Hopeless Maine who could get a tune out of Testimony Albatross’s famous organ. It languished in a state of disrepair for many years until restored to glory by Balthazar Lemon. For a while, Mrs Sophie Davies played it regularly, drawing out tunes that were both sweet and deeply uneasy. Most of us have never been able to elicit more than an ominous kind of flatulence from the great machine.

Edrie of course has been the great exception, able to draw sounds and music from the device that sometimes defy explanation. Having observed her playing, I am fairly confident that the organ itself was designed for an octopus or other cephalopod – there are so many pedals, levers, stops, buttons and keys available. Somehow, while having no more discernible limbs than anyone else, Edrie tamed the machine and brought forth sounds unlike anything we have known before.

This of course led to tensions when it became obvious that people were coming to the church for the music, not the sermons of Reverend Davies. As the congregation swelled, our longstanding preacher grew ever more uneasy about the effect of the music upon the listeners, and sermons focused increasingly on the risks of debauchery and fornication. The music and many islanders were clearly aligned in feelings of debauchery, and as services grew ever more lively, Reverend Davies tried to have Edrie removed from the church to halt her, as he called them, ‘seductive, outlandish performances.’

Edrie declined to leave. When a selection of people immune to the seductive music tried to force a removal, they found that they could not. It seems unreasonable to suggest that a mechanical device could have grown organically to include a person, but the evidence is hard to refute. There was no parting Edrie from the organ.  And there she remains, as far as anyone can tell. No one has been able to communicate directly with her for more than a week now, and it is difficult to explain what, exactly has happened.

Organ music can most reliably be heard around sunset, but can happen at other times. Reverend Davies is now holding his sermons and prayer meetings first thing in the morning, when Edrie and the organ are less active. The compromise has allowed a form of peace to return, although whether this is the end of the matter is hard to say.

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Edrie Edrie is one of The Army of Broken Toys – find them here https://www.armyoftoys.com/

Our Organ Restored!

What does God smell like?

(Frampton Jones)

I am pleased to announce that the repair of our church organ has been an almost complete success. Testimony Albatross’s fabulous device has been repaired by Balthazar Lemon, with some curious additions. The repaired organ was played this Sunday by Mrs Sophie Davies, and the music delighted everyone. Some doubts remain however, over the smells the organ now releases. The original Testimony Albatross design included a large tank, the purpose of which no one had truly understood. It is now full of fish (see photograph). I suspect it is no coincidence that, when played, the organ now fills the church with a distinctly fishy smell.

Questioned on the matter, Balthazar Lemon said, “It’s obvious this is how the organ was designed. It sounds better now.” He has a point. Filling the tank seems necessary. Lemon continued, “The organ is a thing of beauty, designed to bring us closer to God, through sound, scent and visual impact.” I asked him why he had filled the tank with fish, and not, for example with flowers, fruit or some other more appealing thing. He responded by saying, “What do you think God smells like?”

Organ Repair Appeal

The Organ

(Frampton Jones)

Yesterday Reverend Davies launched an appeal to do something about the dire state of his organ. The device, built thirty seven years ago by the infamous Testimony Albatross, is a remarkable feat of engineering and musical genius that Hopeless has perhaps taken for granted. In the many years since the demise of Albatross, the organ has gradually lost tone and some of its more creative functions no longer work. In the last few years, it has lost all semblance of tunefulness, and is consequently only used for funerals.

Inventor and repair expert Balthazar Lemon proposes an overhaul of the fabulous instrument. However, to fix the biggest organ in Hopeless, will require help from the whole community. Donations to the project much appreciated. Any small metal items, including wire, would be of great help. Balthazar Lemon requests any left handed sprockets, cat-stoppers and fids anyone happens to have spare. He would very much like some clewgarnets as well, and a selection of spoons in varying sizes, from teaspoons through to large serving spoons – metal, not wood. Donations can be left at the church or the lighthouse.