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Hopeless Children

Art by Connie.

There are young humans in the Hopeless, Maine books, but this was never intended to be a project for children. However, there are children who rock up enthusiastically. Today’s guest art was the work of Connie, who introduced herself to us by throwing her hat at us during our performance at Raising Steam last year. She went on to make Tom and James sing her ‘bum in the bumhole’ song.

Not all children are into pretty and innocuous things. James as a child considered the owl demon from the first book to be cute. Connie, as we can tell from the drawing, also likes things with a lot of teeth. We’re aware of at least one other young human who is a big fan of Drury – our resident dead dog.

So here’s a lullaby.

Go to sleep, go sleep

Your parent is screaming,

The night is so black

And the dead things are dreaming.

Rest your bones and your eyes

And your pointy and sharp bits

Just be quiet, little fiend

Even old gods can have fits.

Dream of teeth, and of blood

And cold water rising

Rend and tear in your sleep

Thrash about, be surprising.

Go to sleep, little beast

Oh you darling small horror

Ceasing your gnashing and wailing

You can rampage tomorrow.