Team Creatures

Those of you who are all familiar with Hopeless, Maine will know that the island is dense with creatures. They often just appear in the background, doing nothing in particular except being the mechanism for the island looking back at you. They are an essential part of the setting so they will have to be part of the Blind Fisherman film.

In particular, the agents of change have an important part to play in this story and are key to Sal’s origin as Sal. We want to have as many creatures as possible for the film. This is part of what will make it magic. Also as many of them are small, we may be rewarded by seeing some finished creatures fairly early on!

If you have chosen Creatures to be the things you want to help bring to life , we’ve got options for you!

If you want to put in just a little bit of moneys , go here. and add a note saying “Team Creatures”

If you want to put in a bit more moneys, go here. and please send as friends and family, also as above please send with a note saying you want to be on Team Creatures.

If you can only put in a tiny bit, please know that we are hugely grateful and you will be remembered and celebrated as being an important part of this strange wonderful thing .

If you are not in a position to help financially right now, we completely understand. These are strange and difficult times. What you can do, if you are willing is to help spread the word so that people who might be able to do so will have opportunity to chip in, and more people will be aware of the project as a whole.

Thank you from the bottom of our be-tentacled hearts. We will make magic for you.




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