Bringing Hopeless, Maine to the screen, one creature at a time.

Hello, people! (and others)

So, by now you have probably heard that there is a Hopeless, Maine film in the works. It will be a short (thirty minutes-ish) black and white silent film treatment of the prologue to Hopeless, Maine-The Blind Fisherman.

So far, we’ve got the entire cast, a hand wound camera, a cinematographer who is a passionate expert on period photography and films, a script (Probably should have put that one first) a crew with TV and film experience, producers in the wings and the promise of a soundtrack from Walter Sickert and The Army of Broken Toys. We also have a professional model and puppet maker who is utterly brilliant. (Back to this in a bit) We were rolling along nicely and then there was a thing that happened that you have probably all noticed by now, (That would be the global pandemic )  Are we going to let this stop us?? *puts hand to ear and waits for the resounding collective “NO”* Right you are! Onwards! There is a lot that needs to be done before we can begin filming at any rate and mostly that is the work that Matt Inkel (Of the Arcane Armoury) is doing creating the models and puppets we will need for the film.  Already, thanks to the support from two generous (and mysterious) benefactors, the models (or maquettes) for the mer-Salamandra puppets have been made. These were a necessary first step in the puppet making process. (You can see them in that image at the top there)

Here is Matt talking about the project and his part in it!

So, how do we get these puppets made while the whole entertainment industry is in stasis? The short answer is…you. That’s how.  You can help make magic and be a part of this strange and wonderful project. What you will need to do first, is pick a team! You can be-







Just click on the team name of your choice and you will be taken to the page for that particular puppet. If you can throw a little bit in the hat for your puppet, that means your team will move closer to having that project completed by Mr Inkel. (ahead of all of those other clearly inferior teams) If you can throw a bit more in the hat, your team may well get to see the finished puppet much sooner! If you don’t have the spare funds ( a lot of us don’t right now and we completely understand that ) you can instead, wave your  preferred puppet  at other people (as it were)  via its page to who might have a bit of dosh to contribute.

Anyone who contributes at *any* level (including one cup of coffee on Kofi) will receive a PDF of the Blind Fisherman, which is the prologue to Hopeless, Maine: the opening chapter which the film will be based on.

We will keep each page updated with the progress with photos videos and text. Your name will be (if you wish) in the credits for the film, and we will let you see progress before anyone else gets to see. Due to the chaotic nature of the times, it’s difficult to promise you particular additional rewards but please know that we will be as generous and creative in this regards as is humanly possible! Also if you have ideas for things you would like, please let us know.

So, pick a team and let’s keep this dream alive!



News for the residents of Hopeless, Maine.

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