Licking dustcats for science

Dustcats are weird, feline inhabitants of Hopeless, Maine who float about being whimsical and mildly threatening.

One of the contributions to the recent Eldritch Broadcasting event – Anomaly – featured a paper on the hallucinogenic effects of licking dustcats. This all started at Raising Steam last year. We were doing some Hopeless, Maine live stuff in which Keith Errington ran a Hopeless, Maine meeting to discuss health and safety issues on the island. This was all very silly, as you might imagine. During the discussion, Susie Roberts (of The Ominous Folk) made some comments about the lovely, distracting effects of licking dustcats.

For Anomaly, Keith Errington took this idea and ran with it (no doubt while laughing maniacally)  and then Susie Roberts recorded the piece for the event itself. 

Island life depends a lot on these kinds of processes, where people playing with ideas lead other people to play with the same ideas, and things expand (un)naturally from there.

This video also has content from Andy Arbon – who started The Eldritch Broadcasting Corporation. 


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