Starry Grabby Pie

Starry, grabby pie

With tentacles green blue and grey

To warm you on a Hopeless day

The sky eyes know the darkness in my soul

Shadows on the hills

Sketch the trees and the tentikills

Catch disease and winter chills

In eldritch colours corrupting my hand

Now I understand

What you tried to feed to me

How you suffered for your pantry

How tentacles bring insanity

They would not stay still, they don’t know how

Perhaps we’ll eat them now.

Starry, grabby pie

Sea monsters that we must erase

Swirling pie filling in violet haze

Reflect in sickly splatters in the loo

Colors changing hue

Unstable horrors we’ve consumed a few

Hopeless faces lined in pain

Cannot be soothed by what the chef has planned

Now, I understand

What you tried to feed to me

And how we suffered your insanity

You just wanted to be free

We would not listen, then we had a row

We will not listen now

(With all due apology to Vincent.)


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