Walking with spoons

James Weaselgrease has been with the Hopeless, Maine project for some time now. He’s in book 1, as the child Salamandra gives the bear to. He’s helped out at events, helped lug books onto trains, and he’s been part of the performance side from almost the start. He was singing with us before the idea of singing as part of the Hopeless, Maine project occurred to anyone. 

The picture above is James in Ominous Folk mode, or possibly as Jamesthulhu. There may well be an eldritch monstrosity pretending to be his hair.

This autumn, our James started a course learning how to make computer games. He’d been at it about a week when he made this little beasty. We bring you the first spoonwalker in motion, confident that there is more of this to come. We anticipate that there will be Hopeless, Maine computer games in our not too distant futures!


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