Hairy coffee and the Hopeless folk process

Master Scutcheon’s hairy coffee is an example of Hopeless Maine doing what it does best. People contribute ideas, and then other people pick them up and they become part of how the island is.

The original hairy coffee post is over here –

Since its writing, the hairy coffee has become a thing of legend, and turns up in other projects.

Like the hairy coffee, Hopeless Maine is an alive sort of thing. It gets its tentacles into people’s heads, and spreads its ideas about, often without Tom or I being involved in any direct way. In many ways we feel like we don’t own the island – it certainly owns us. Sometimes it whispers strange things to other people.

If you’ve been affected by the contents of this blog and have something Hopeless you need to share, just let us know. We’re here to support people who have been driven slightly mad by the fictional island, and glad to share any fresh, or slightly-unfresh and mouldering discoveries anyone makes.

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