What haunts the skies?

Blood and feathers
Blood and feathers


Somewhere above us, hidden by the fog, strange and violent things are happening. The screams are enough to terrify the boldest man amongst us. The blood and feathers fall everywhere. Something in the clouds is killing the giant black birds that appeared last week. It doesn’t appear to be eating them, but pulling them apart and scattering their remains over the town.


What happens when there are no more birds? Will this latest fiend then unleash itself upon us, or will we be faced with something even worse? I dare not think.

5 thoughts on “What haunts the skies?”

  1. You may have suspended all fear, young Connie, but I’ll certainly not be wearing my black feather cloak this winter.

  2. The problem with written correspondence is that sometimes the sarcasm doesn’t translate properly. I agree with you – is always prudent to be cautious.

  3. If anybody is feeling bolder, I have some black feathers suitable for making just such a cloak or two!

    I tried stuffing pillows and matresses with them, but they are a bit scratchy where the quills stick out, so I think that cloaks may be a better bet.

    Thanks for the idea, Miss Incompetence! Much appreciated.

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