The O’Stoat Curse

14 08 2009
Candles at the O'Stoat Crypt

Candles at the O'Stoat Crypt

Rumours abound that Durosimi, Melisandra and Drustan O’Stoat are all missing. Concerns were first raised when Durosimi failed to attend the annual gathering of founding families at the beginning of the week. It’s not the prestigious event it used to be, but he’s not missed it before. After much following of leads, questioning of potential witnesses and banging on the front door of the O’Stoat house, I am inclined to think them not at home. Where they are, I cannot say.
          Of the forty seven members of the O’Stoat family whose lives are documented in parish and journalistic records, only three have died quietly in their beds. No fewer than eleven are known to have been murdered, the rest either died by violent accident, went missing, or left Hopeless. As a family they seem plagued by ill fortune and misadventure. The mysterious disappearance of Durosimi’s father Vincent has never been explained, and many questions about his activities in life remain unanswered. This latest disappearance may mark the end of the O’Stoat line, as all other branches have long since died off.



4 responses

14 08 2009

Surely the beginning of mysteries to be revealed…fascinating stuff!

14 08 2009
Frampton Jones

Mysteries, undoubtedly… and I will do my level best to reveal as much as I can, but the O’Stoat family have not tended to co-operate with the press.

19 09 2009
Politeness Jones

Such a shame.

Would anybody else like to buy some mushrooms? Mr. Durosimi seemed to like them very much and bought a barrow-load every fortnight. Don’t know what I’m going to do with them now…

20 09 2009
Little Lizzie

No more mushrooms Mr…every day we ‘ad ’em…cud smell ’em day in day out. Giv ’em the witch she’ll use ’em…they’m magick they are!

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