The Nightmare

windowthings sOn Thursday of last week, I woke to find my house in utter darkness. By my watch, it was early morning, and wondering at the lack of light, I lit a candle and drew back the curtains. Beyond the window was darkness, and in the darkness there were eyes. The vision was horrible beyond words, but I checked other windows and found the same. I confess, dear readers, to feelings of terror and did not venture beyond my door. I could only imagine what nightmare had befallen our town.

I might have remained cowering in my house for more than the three days I endured, had it not been for the timely arrival of Jesper Peeps bringing old paper back for reuse. I was persuaded that however things may appear, it was safe to venture out. While my house had been covered in what I can only describe as an infestation, life in Hopeless appeared otherwise untroubled. Darkly furred things clung to every available surface, blotting out the light while their hideous eyes stared in upon me.

 Why did this nameless dread affix itself to my windows? Is there meaning behind it, or just the whim of fate? Annamarie Nightshade sold me a charm which did indeed remove them, but she refused to comment on what they might be, or why they had attached themselves to my home.

It is not the habit of this reporter to write himself into the news. I aspire to be nothing more than a careful observer, but circumstances this week mean I know nothing beyond my own experience. I cannot include births, deaths or marriages, having spent too long a prisoner in my own home, and the rest of the week removing the creatures that had taken me hostage!

5 thoughts on “The Nightmare”

  1. I wonder if they were being used by an unseen entity/ies as sight mechanisms, or if they were simply there on their own accord. I wonder if they were actual eyes or if they just appeared to look like eyes to you. I wonder so many things about this…

  2. I have asked myself these questions, and more. I lie awake at night and cannot rest for wondering. So many things in this life that suggest meaning. Dark, demented nightmarish meaning, the sense of which seems always just beyond my reach.

  3. It occurs to me that it may well be linked to the rain of blood that blessed the town recently. Perhaps there was a residue of the joyous coagulant still filming your windows? It is common sense, surely, that Ocular Oddities will be attracted to such matter. They were, perchance, not watching you; why would they? Unless you are doing something in your house that is Very Worth Watching. I suggest, rather, that they were feeding. And cleaning your windows in the process.

    If nothing else, you owe them some thanks.

  4. I have considered your words at length, and still do not know how to reply to them. In such a public space, I am not inclined to comment on what I might do that is Very Worth Watching. Although the details of my personal life do not necessarily undermine your theory.

  5. hummmm? very interesting indeed Mr. Jones , some may take that as a confession .
    yet the question begging is a confession to what. perhaps we in hopeless needs keep a more focused eye on you. . it is peculiar how you are allays in the thick of it as it were. yet you proclaim to not be “in the news. could this be because you make the news? . a reporter dose sway his audience and how easy to sway it away from him .one asks one self?

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