Freak Storm Hits Hopeless!

rain of blood 

I can’t imagine anyone missed the major event of last week, but as nothing else of note happened, I’m reporting it anyway as there may be more to this than meets the eye.

On Tuesday night, a bloodstorm swept the island, covering people, buildings and streets. We were lucky in that the rain on Wednesday washed away the worst of it. I consulted Doc Willoughby who confirmed that the red rain was definitely blood, but he could not say if it was animal or human. Where did all the blood come from? Does it represent some unimaginable horror that has happened beyond the boundaries of our beloved island? How could so much blood have become airborn, with no trace of any bodyparts? I fear this latest mystery may go unsolved, but if you have possible answers, do share them.

8 thoughts on “Freak Storm Hits Hopeless!”

  1. Perhaps the clouds have become menstrual? Menstruating clouds certainly fit under the description of being an “unimaginable horror”. At any rate, it is rather unsettling, especially the posibility of this being an adumbration of further preternatural happenings.

  2. Are you sure? Might it not be a Sign of the Last Days, or The Work of the Devil? Those are usually your favourite explanations Cassandra.

    Oh, and while I’m here, we’re doing a special on black pudding at The Crow all this week.

  3. I was out at the time. Got very wet. Ma was most upset, says my best shirt will have to stay brown. That nice Mister Ephemery gave me a fish in exchange for the contents of my wheelbarrow, though, so it was not all bad.

  4. What can you tell me about the drawning “rain of blood?” I saw that same picture two years ago, feel in love with it, and lost it and just refound last week. I still can’t find anything else on it so tell me what you can please.

    1. Hello, this image is a Tom Brown creation, conjured from his mind in response to the rain of blood story here. I’m pretty sure we still have the uncoloured pencil original for that one – colour is added in photoshop usually – if you’re interested I can check for you. It is very small.

      1. Man that would be great because I’m not lying I’m in love with the drawing, in a away a person loves art. To be honest with you I wanted to getted tattooed as well. I Only saw it once and I new I wanted it. That’s why I kept looking for it for so long.

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