Last week we reported the death of Regan Higsbottom. This appears to have been an error. Regan accosted me in my office yesterday to point out that she is still very much alive. Apparently she walked out on her husband after a row, and has been living in one of the old fishing cottages on the West side of the island. Please do not scream and run away if you see her, as apparently this is getting on her nerves.

3 thoughts on “Correction”

  1. Well, I should say so, Regan. People always rushing round not knowing what is going on and making up excuses for why they think something is when it isn’t.

  2. Then again, in this town when someone is not seen for over two weeks, one tends to draw the logical conclusion. Maybe it would do well not to drop completely off the map for so long, so as not to give people the wrong idea.

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