Community News

Deaths – Audrey Pickett, 79, a rare case of natural causes. Funeral Thursday.

                Bendigo Weaselgrease, 7, partially eaten by creature or creatures unknown. Funeral Friday.

The rest of Millicent Cobbage will be buried on Thursday evening, with special prayers, in the hopes that she can now rest in peace.

Births – Angel StJohn Goodfellow, born on Wednesday afternoon to Glory StJohn Goodfellow and StJohn StJohn Goodfellow.

Arnold Sanctity Brown, born midnight Thursday to Hephziba Brown and Veritable Brown.

Congratulations to both families, keep up the good work!

2 thoughts on “Community News”

  1. Yes, Millicent Cobbage – rest in peace now, rather than pieces … *snicker snicker* I am SO juvenile, I know … but I just could NOT resist it, it was SO PERFECT …

    And a rare case of natural causes!! I sure hope that isn’t contagious!!! (yeah, I know, this is from almost a year ago … I guess I’ll find out if it was contagious soon from reading the archives …)

    And Weaselgrease? What kind of last name is that? Poor kid – he was probably happy to get eaten just so he didn’t have to live with that name anymore …

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